Green Light Data Systems supply multi-environment label printing solutions ranging from retail to distribution and shipping.

Coupled with the software solutions provided, physical services of Stock Taking, Training and data preparation / entry and helpdesk support; a fully comprehensive turnkey base for a wide spectrum of requirements.

Retailers everywhere, that are not displaying pricing in an adequate way, are hurting themselves through their lack of communication with their customers.

We're all used to the supermarket retail chain method of price presentation and special offer / multi buy communication using shelf labels; methods which are deployed by those in that business which ensure that they are able to stay in that business.

It is also possible for the independent retailer to avail of the same implement's whilst keeping the overheads to do so at a minimum. Basic information such as product price, price per unit (kilo / litre) and other promotional information can be easily presented on shelf labels and adhesive product labels so that full confidence is instilled in the retailer from the customer's perspective : assurance guarenteed that prices remain static over a duration of time.


Services :


Products :





Read our software product manifesto here. Revenue Leaks..


Support :

- Re-installation support should you require it
- Retrieval of lost information in most cases.
- Offsite storage of data - you send us the files via e-Mail / CD and we store them for security
- Instruction and check back on backing up of information
- Label design support  (//
LabelTasks 2.0 / //PalletStar 2.0)
- Sourcing of label stationery (//
LabelTasks / //PalletStar)
- General support given on producing reports and importing information from 3rd party systems. (//
LabelTasks / //PalletStar)
- Proactive support processes with constant improvement routines to ensure that problems get effectively eliminated.


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